Updates to Our Backups Service

There are three precautionary steps I recommend to anyone building and maintaining a website:

  1. Backup your site
  2. Make a backup
  3. Did you backup yet?!

Accidents happen, amirite? You don’t want the first time you’re thinking about backups to be ten minutes after a major catastrophe!

Here at Agathon Group we believe backups are so important, we provide basic backups free of charge for all of our hosting clients. These basic backups ensure you can sleep at night knowing your files can be restored.

But what if your peace of mind requires slightly more coverage? Don’t fret! We also offer premium backups at a cost-effective rate. Our premium backup service is great for sites under heavy readership or development, allowing more granular options for restoring your critical data.

Basic vs. Premium

The main differences between basic and premium backups are the frequency of the snapshots (every day for 30 days) and the duration (we store two additional monthly snapshots). For people already taking advantage of premium backups, we’re also using this opportunity to drop your prices. 1 Two benefits for you: predictable costs instead of slight variations based on use, and an overall cost reduction! This change will be effective on your next invoice.

PRICINGFree!15GB disk = $3/mo.
30GB disk = $6/mo.
60GB disk = $12/mo.
1 weekly
1 monthly
30 daily
2 monthly
TOTAL COVERAGE30 days90 days
GOOD FORDisaster recoveryMore granular control, especially sites under heavy development

For both basic and premium backups, we can cherry pick individual files, or restore the complete server snapshot, and of course any time we spend working with you to do so is free.

If you have any questions or would like to upgrade from basic backups to premium, please drop us an email.


  1. Previously, we charged $1 per gigabyte of premium backup storage. Now we’re charging 20¢ per gigabyte of total disk allocated to your server.

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