Agathon Group meets at Blue35 in Grand Rapids


As a company with staff spread across six time zones, our team has made it a priority to bring everyone together at least once a year to talk vision, meet about client projects, and continue strengthening our unique workplace culture. Here are some photo highlights of our week-long team meetings at Blue35 in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Sometimes, there just no substitute for getting in a room together and talking about the big picture:

Team vision meeting at Blue35

We frequently meet for a post-project “retrospective” to discuss what went well and what we can do to make the next project even better. Having a retrospective meeting in person is something of a treat for our 100-percent remote company!

Retrospective team meeting

And it wouldn’t be an Agathon Group get-together if we didn’t enjoy our location! We were blessed this year to be in Grand Rapids to enjoy a mild Michigan fall, famous west Michigan beer and pub fare, and the world-famous ArtPrize art festival.

Company culture team meetings

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