“How does Agathon’s pricing work?”

As you may have noticed, the Agathon pricing model is a bit different than other hosting companies.

Most companies price their plans according to the number of sites you host and the pageviews your sites receive per month. But more than 20 years of hosting has shown us that pageviews and WordPress installs aren’t actually accurate indicators of the resources a server needs to perform well.

That said, we know our clients often define the sizes of their sites (and communicate with their hosts) using pageviews as a measurement. So earlier this year we conducted another study of our client accounts. We wanted to see if there might be a conclusive correlation after all.

Here’s what that study showed:

As you can see, there is almost zero correlation between pageviews and pricing. We have clients with very low traffic on higher-cost plans because of the complexity of their sites or the size of their media files. And we have clients with tons of pageviews who run lean sites on the very lowest plan.

Understanding Agathon’s pricing model

Other hosting companies use pageviews or sessions to define their pricing because it’s the simplest way to define plans. We’ve chosen to do things a little differently.

As you can see from the image above, the majority of clients (70%) fit into our base plan. Another 12% pay a bit more (but still under $100), and only 18% pay more than $100.

In this way, we configure your server to the exact needs of your site(s). As your site grows, we can add the resources you need so your site will continue to perform well. But we don’t put arbitrary plan limits in place. And we’ll never shut down your site to force you to upgrade.

Setting up our plans this way means that while Agathon pricing starts out a little bit higher than discount hosting companies, there is never a huge jump as you grow. And for professional bloggers with higher traffic, Agathon hosting is often less expensive.

How do I know how much my Agathon plan will be?

That all sounds great. But if pageviews aren’t a great way to know what resources your site needs to run well, how do you know how much you’ll pay at Agathon? For the vast majority of clients, the answer is somewhere between $80-120.

If you’re concerned about the complexity of the code on your site or the size of your media files, or if you have several high-traffic sites running on the same server, we’re happy to run a free site assessment. After this assessment, we can provide a quote based on the resources you’re currently using need.

Ready to get started?

We’d love to serve you one of our happy professional blogging clients! Request a free site assessment here.

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