Coming soon: Agathon’s next-gen hosting platform

Have you heard the news? Over the past ten months, our hosting team has been hard at work building Agathon’s next-gen hosting platform.

We know that performance is incredibly important to our clients and their businesses; it impacts your site’s SEO rankings, your reader’s experience, and your ability to get things done quickly on the backend. In response to that need, we built this new, high-speed hosting platform from the ground up. It’s designed specifically for WordPress sites, and we made every decision with speed in mind.

We first began moving clients to the platform early this year. Across the board, our beta testers and early adopters have experienced faster sites and dashboards. With those results in hand and our confidence in this new platform, we’re starting to migrate more clients over each week.

Differences between current and next-gen hosting

host multiple siteshost multiple sites
add resources as neededincludes more disk storage by default, still add server resources as needed
basic backups included;
premium backups at an additional cost
basic & premium backups included
Virtualmin dashboardcustom dashboard coming soon
domain-based emailemail solution coming soon

Part of our approach in designing this new-and-improved platform was to identify tools that impacted performance. Those include the server control panel and hosted email, which tend to contribute to slower sites and more complicated support. We then stripped those out in favor of focusing more intensely on site speed.

Because we know those are important to some of our clients, we’re working on custom solutions that provide the tools you need without slowing down your site. In the meantime, we’re migrating over clients who don’t use those. And, of course, our support team is always available to help clients with any server requests!

I want in!

We’re currently reaching out to clients in batches, starting from the simplest migrations and working up to the more complicated. However, if you’re eager to experience the benefits, shoot us an email, and we’ll see if you’re a good candidate for moving now.

Because of the way we’ve set up the new platform, we can migrate you quickly and without any downtime. We’re confident that you’re going to love the upgrade!

P.S. Moving to Mediavine’s Trellis framework? Email us to learn more about our Trellis-optimized plans as well!

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