What if I decide to cancel my Agathon hosting account?

We sincerely hope to serve each of our clients for years to come. But we know that circumstances and needs can change. There may come a time when a client needs to cancel their hosting account with us.

(In fact, when I sold my main blog in January of 2018, I canceled my own Agathon account. I opted to move my kids’ hobby blog to one of the infamous $2.95/month “cheap hosting” companies since it was just a casual hobby for us and not a serious site.)

Our commitment

Whether you decide to close your account when your blogging career comes to an end or you decide to host your blog with your designer (please don’t!), our commitment remains the same. You can expect the same level of service during that transition that we promise all of our hosting clients.

And of course, if you have questions about your hosting along the way, we’ll always answer those honestly and with your best interest in mind.

The sad reality is that many bloggers feel like they need to move hosts “in the middle of the night” without letting their current host know they’re moving. They’ve either had a bad experience with one in the past or heard from someone who has, and that seems like the safest approach.

At Agathon, you can be confident we won’t turn off your hosting, delete your backups, or stop replying to your support tickets just because you’re moving to a new host. In fact, a client whose blog is no longer producing substantial income for her family recently needed to move to a low-cost hosting platform. When that host left her hanging during the migration process, she asked us to help so she could be sure it was done right.

Another client was in the middle of a move when we noticed an error with the new host’s settings: updating the DNS settings on their domain would effectively break their email. Thankfully, we spotted that error and were able to give them the information they needed to prevent that from happening. Even though the error wasn’t on our side, looking out for their best interest meant doing what we could to help prevent future problems.

Are we suggesting you move to another host just to take advantage of this awesome part of our service? No, of course not. 😉

But you can be confident that we’re always in your corner. Yes, even if that means helping you through a transition to another host.

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