Our new monthly WordPress newsletter (and why we think you’ll love it!)

Today we sent the first edition of our brand new monthly newsletter, and we’re so excited to get this into the hands of our subscribers!

The newsletter will go out on the third Tuesday of every month, and we’ve worked hard to pack it with information to help you improve your WordPress site and grow your business.

We know your time is limited, so our promise to you is that this newsletter will always be relevant, interesting, and actionable!

Here’s what you can expect to find each month:

Highlights from the blog

Because we know you might not have time to check the blog for updates each week, and social media moves so quickly that you may or may not see new posts there, we’ll be highlighting our favorite posts each month.

Did you know?

Hear our take on a current topic that’s affecting blogging or online business. Whether it’s the move to block editor with Gutenberg, changes to the Google algorithm, or a security concern that everyone is talking about, we’ll share our thoughts based on our experience and expertise in this space!

What we’re reading

Our team loves to share interesting links, tweets, and videos with one another, and now we’re sharing those with you too. Plus, we’ll include short, digestible reviews of the books we’re reading!


Each month we’ll spotlight something that’s happening here at Agathon, whether it’s a conference we’ll be attending or a new service we’re offering. And sometimes we’ll switch things up by spotlighting one of our clients instead so you can see the cool things your fellow bloggers are doing!

Have suggestions for content or topics you’d like to see covered? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

2 comments on “Our new monthly WordPress newsletter (and why we think you’ll love it!)

  • It would be great to have a simple block option for writing right to left content in a mostly left to right site. I tried to create a css block for this, but it has not worked. I have found that using a classic block with the tiny mce advanced plugin has worked, but at the same time it would be good to be able to use a regular block that is formatted for right to left. Maybe you could spell this out in detail for us with each step, or better yet just create a simple plugin for that functionality.

  • Alan Ritari says:

    Unfortunately with the speed at which our hosting is growing, we don’t have the internal capacity right now to write a custom L-to-R plugin, but we’ll watch for others tackling similar problems in case there are existing options that might work for you.


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