Case study: Truth For Life’s Sign in with Apple

Last fall, Apple issued new guidelines for Sign in with Apple. These guidelines require apps that use third-party or social login services to also offer Sign in with Apple.

According to Apple:

With privacy and security features built-in, Sign in with Apple is a great way to help users set up an account, sign in, and engage with your app quickly and easily. All accounts are protected with two-factor authentication for superior security, and Apple will not track users’ activity in your app or website.

In March we launched these capabilities for the Truth For Life mobile app. This update allows iOS users to sign in using their Apple ID. Last week, we launched the remaining piece of this technology. Users who visit the Truth For Life website can now use Sign in with Apple there as well.

Our implementation also supports Apple’s Hide My Email feature. This feature gives users the option to keep their personal contact information private while providing additional security and anti-fraud support for app owners.

Whether it’s changing technical specifications or changing user needs, our team of project managers, strategists, designers, and developers works with a variety of organizations to help them build and maintain apps for mobile and web usage.

Need to bring your app into Sign in with Apple compliance before the June 30th deadline? Contact us today to find out how Agathon can help.

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