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When it comes to triaging ailing websites, counteracting persistent hackers intent on trouble, or managing hardware and infrastructure around the world, many people — even techies!— blanch at the thought. But that’s just another day in the life of Peter Green. As the Chief Technical Officer and one of Agathon Group’s partners, he provides technical vision for the company, ensures all hardware and virtual systems are running in optimal conditions, and oversees what now serves as the launching board for our AGhosted WordPress plans.

“One of the primary areas I have pioneered for Agathon Group has been our cloud hosting, which is the foundation for the AGhosted platform,” Peter said. “In addition to that, I’m most often the one helping our new clients get settled in: walking them through the options, transferring their website from their old provider, and making sure they’re happy and comfortable throughout the process.”

Peter is a self-proclaimed moderate-to-severe introvert, but said that working with new and potential clients is growing to be a favorite part of his job.

“I love meeting new people and hearing about their passion. And while I don’t love hearing about the challenges they’re often facing with their current provider — challenges that are preventing them from pursuing excellence on their site — I love being able to tell them, ‘We can help with that!’” Peter said. “Being able to help so many people through something so critical as web hosting is a blessing, and I’m thankful to get to be on the frontline doing that.”

Peter spun up his first Linux server in the workplace around 1996 and has been working professionally with Linux for nearly 20 years since. He’s got a knack for tracking down and solving server-side issues quickly and finding a solution, but he continues to focus on what sets Agathon Group apart from many other hosting providers: solid customer support.

“I enjoy finding patterns amidst chaos, which leads me to be a ferocious problem solver,” Peter said. “I’m also particularly good at empathizing with our clients: I care not only about the problem I’m solving, but the person for whom I’m solving it.”

When the team at Agathon Group began working with more professional bloggers using WordPress, Peter set out to build an environment that would streamline the process of spinning up new sites and WordPress installs, give bloggers more control over the sites they own, liberate clients from unnecessary restrictions imposed by other providers, and (perhaps most importantly) deliver the fastest, most reliable WordPress hosting possible.

“Hosting used to simply mean hanging your shingle on any ol’ $10 per month hosting account and watching the users roll in,” Peter said, “Today’s readers are less patient with slow sites… which means today’s content producers should be less patient with slow hosts!

“The blogging landscape is getting more and more saturated with content,” he continued. “That means your content has to be presented quickly and accurately, or your users are just as likely to search for similar content elsewhere.” It is this need for speed and accuracy that drives Peter to continue innovating the AGhosted platform to serve its clients better every day.

His blogs

Peter has had various blogs over time: a personal blog that ran for a while on MovableType (a predecessor to WordPress), a blog for his beer homebrewing hobby, a site for reviewing albums from “20 years ago this month”, and his newest blog to begin charting his family’s traveling adventures over the years. (They are currently residing in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, after spending a year traveling throughout Europe, and homeschooling their children.) In the end, though, Peter finds more time to help other people blog than to blog on his own site!

What he sees on the horizon

As one of the founding members of Agathon Group back in 1999, Peter is invested in sharing with others what we can do, continuing to improve AGhosted and Agathon Group services, and rolling out new services — like our soon-to-be-released AGhosted Solo for bloggers just starting out! This year, Agathon Group and AGhosted will be “on the road,” and Peter looks forward to meeting new people, forming new collaborative efforts, and growing the community.

“I want to see AGhosted become the hosting choice for professional bloggers,” Peter said. “We know hosting, are flexible to tailor your environment for your needs, and have the added bonus of being able to be a “one stop shop” for site owners. Whether they need help with developing a new WordPress plugin, adding an e-commerce section to their blogs, troubleshooting WordPress issues, or (even for newbies) getting started with their first domain and hosting package, I’m proud to say our team at AGhosted can deliver.”

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