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Rachel in London

Eleven years ago, Rachel Ramirez joined Agathon Group as our with project management and business operations. She wanted to work from home to be able to stay home with her newborn, and continue doing what she enjoyed as a project manager.

“Agathon Group was a small company of three people looking for some help keeping projects and the business organized,” Rachel said. “It was the perfect fit for me.”

Rachel came from a large biotechnical company, where she led IT teams in delivering both vendor- and in-house developed applications. Her experience with managing technical projects helped her to settle into her role with Agathon Group, and into the web development and hosting industry. As Agathon Group’s business manager, she leads web development projects, and handles the financial, and business management aspects of the company.

“I can’t think of a better group of people to work with. It’s great to log on every day and know that there will be lots of laughs and camaraderie as we are working on solving problems together,” Rachel said. “Everyone’s ideas and opinions are valued — we really are a tight-knit team.”

Rachel’s sense of humor and easy-going personality adds to the team dynamic. She is readily willing to help coworkers in a bind, offers valuable insight, and is an all-around team player.

Having been with the team since the early years, Rachel has been around to experience the company growth, and work with nearly all of Agathon Group’s clients in some capacity. Chances are high that if you’ve received a gift basket, greeting card, welcome note, or package from Agathon Group, Rachel has had a hand in it.

“I LOVE our client base. Not only are they some of the nicest people around, I frequently follow their blogs on my personal time.”

She said she reads the blogs of AGhosted clients like Tsh Oxenreider’s (Art of Simple), Lisa Jacobsen (Club 31 Women), and Ruth Soukup (Living Well, Spending Less), among others, and whom have inspired her over the years.

“It’s an honor to make personal and professional connections with people like this!” she said. “It’s neat to think that the work that I do here supports writers who are publishing content that is interesting to me. It’s a win-win!”

Rachel mini urban farmWhen she’s not at work, Rachel spends her free time with her family, frequenting soccer fields, theater rehearsals, or volunteering at the school her children attend. She tends to what she call her “mini-urban-farm” in her backyard, which includes a vegetable garden, a few sassy chickens and their picket-fenced coop, a pet dog, and a pet rabbit.

“I’m most relaxed when I’m working in my mini-urban-farm, chatting with my little flock of chickens,” Rachel said. “Anyone with chickens will attest to the fact that they do talk back! Besides, there’s not much I enjoy more than putting a meal on the table when I’ve grown most of my own ingredients.”

You can follow Rachel’s urban farming adventures on her community Facebook page: Picket Fence Farm.

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