Feature posts on your blog with sticky posts

Feature posts on your blog with sticky posts

Sticky posts are an often underutilized feature on WordPress that allows you to “stick” a post at the top of your blog so it doesn’t get pushed down by newer content.

This feature can be a handy way to control which posts show up at the top of your blog. While there’s no actual limit built into WordPress, we recommend limiting the number of sticky posts you have active at any given time. This setting overrides the default reverse chronological order in WordPress, and having too many of them can make it look like your content isn’t updated regularly.

Here are a few times you might use sticky posts:

1. During a product launch

2. To highlight a sale or special offer

3. When running an affiliate campaign

4. To feature a sponsored post (or posts) on your blog

5. As a table of contents for a current series

6. As a table of content for posts related to a season or holiday

7. To promote your book launch

8. To keep pillar content at the top of your archive

9. Or to rotate through your pillar content on the home page

10. For special or important announcements

11. To keep an introductory post at the top

12. To answer frequently asked questions

13. To highlight certain post(s) when you get a burst of new traffic

Unfortunately, not all themes allow you to use sticky posts. You can see the free themes that support this feature here, or be sure to check the documentation of your premium theme.

How to make a post sticky

The sticky post option shows up under Status & Visibility on the post editor

Once your post is ready, go to Document Status & Visibility and select “Stick to the top of the blog.” When your campaign is finished, you can edit the post and uncheck the box or click on Quick Edit from the Posts list and uncheck the “Make this post sticky” box.

Do you use sticky posts?

How do you use them? What other ideas would you add to the list above?

Feature posts on your blog with sticky posts

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