Celebrating the launch of the SxanPro app

Ashlea Souffrou holds the scissors at the SxanPro ribbon cutting, surrounded by family and colleagues

This week we’re excited to celebrate with one of our clients, Ashlea Souffrou, as she officially announces the launch of the SxanPro app. Ashlea, who has worked in the medical device industry for more than a decade, identified an opportunity to decrease costs and increase efficiencies in the management of medical device inventory.

She envisioned a mobile app that could be easily deployed—without expensive IT integration—to capture critical information, including manufacturer, reference number, lot number, and expiration date. This data can then be saved within the app, exported in CSV files, or accessed on the web-based app. Using this patent pending technology, users can scan hundreds of devices in a fraction of the time it would take to capture that data manually. FDA regulations require health care providers to track and inventory every tool and device they use, and SxanPro makes this process quicker and more reliable.

We’re honored to partner with Ashlea to make her vision for this industry-disrupting technology a reality!

Learn more on SxanPro’s website.

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